ReproFX Transfer Paper

Spirit® Thermal Tattoo Stencil Papers are made for professional artists. From high visibility purple dyes using only the highest quality materials. 
Every time we manufacture, we test to ensure that the finished product meets our standard for excellence; if it doesn't, we don't sell it. 
Spirit® Transfer Cream is the only stencil transfer agent designed specifically to work with Spirit® Tattoo Transfer Papers and designed to maximize image transfer quality by 'activating' wax for superior clarity on the skin.
What does that mean? Transfers are remarkably sharp and bright. Long-lasting stencils allow professional artists to do multiple sessions without touching up the stencil. And best of all, we use only cosmetic-grade ingredients, so our cream is safe for all skin types.
Each paper has one corresponding cream. Use the matching cream/paper combo for the absolute best transfer.

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