Free Tattoo Needles


Free Tattoo Needles

Free Tattoo Needles on the bar.
The dates have expired, so you must put them through the autoclave before use. You can pick up to three boxes, which must be all different configurations.
One box of Flat, one box of Mags, and one box Double Stack.   All you pay is postage.  UK postage is £4.74
Send a message with your wants and email address, and we will let you know if they are still available, first come, first served. We are stocking more cartridges and need more shelf space.
Post to the UK tattoo studios only.  If you are an apprentice, we will post to your work studio.
Don't forget to include your name and studio address.  email or Call us on 01865 715253


4 Flat
5 Flat 000 Curved
8 Flat
9 Flat
11 Flat
11 Flat 000 Curved
21 Flat 000 Curved



5 Mag 000 Curved
21 Mag 0
21 Mag 00 Curved
23 Mag 00
23 Mag 000
23 Mag 000 Curved

25 Mag 00
27 Mag
29 Mag
29 Mag Curved
37 Mag
37 Mag Curved


7 Double Stack

17 Double Stack

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